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At Bluefox, you come first.

Just as your district is unique, your campaign is unique. We are passionate about tailoring our services to your needs to design systems that work for you and provide the support you deserve.

BlueFox is a boutique consulting firm catering to Democratic candidates, causes, and organized labor.  We specialize in federal, state, and local compliance. BlueFox tailors services to each individual client to ensure exceptional attention is paid to a select set of clients.

Sarah Blaney Headshot

Sarah Blaney

With over thirteen years of political experience working with federal, state, and local candidates on devising and executing fundraising strategies, Sarah is ready to work for you. She has extensive experience in non-profit fundraising including federal and private grant writing, management, and reporting. Focus areas include donor relations, compliance, and advocacy.

She has completed coursework at George Washington University for an MA in Political Management and a BA in Public Affairs and Administration from the University of Oklahoma. Since beginning her political fundraising career, she has raised over $12 million for political candidates and $15 million for non-profit organizations.

Laura Clay Headshot

Laura Clay

Laura Clay has worked with multiple federal, state, and local candidates over four campaign cycles on executing fundraising strategies and ensuring compliance.  She has comprehensive experience working with the FEC and several state boards of election in ensuring all campaign laws are followed and standards are met in the process of raising and documenting funds raised and submitting timely filings.


Clay holds a Master's of Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University and a Bachelor's of Political Science from the State University of New York at Geneseo.  In addition to her campaign experience, she has seven years experience managing the operations of high schools in three states.


From the moment you first decide to run to the day that you retire from public office, BlueFox will work with your team to ensure that the campaign adheres to all required local, state, and federal election ethics laws and regulations.

Database Set-Up or Restructuring

Whether this is your first time running or your twentieth, your database needs to reflect who you know, what you know about them, and how they’ve interacted with your campaign.  Bad data leads to bad asks which leads to low funds in the door. Let BlueFox help get your data set.

Database Management

As your campaign ramps up, your team will be focusing on prospecting potential donors, making the ask, and getting the money in.  Every minute matters, and time spent logging funds and prepping filings is time away from fundraising. Clean data also allows your data to tell the story of your campaign so you can both increase the effectiveness of your fundraising strategy and publicize your successes!  BlueFox can help ensure your data stays clean and that your database is an asset to your fundraising team - not a burden.

Contribution Processing & Compliance Reporting and Filing

When a donor fulfills their pledge, it can feel as though the fundraising process is complete.  It should be time to celebrate! Behind the scenes, however, that is when the compliance work begins.  Contributions and disbursements need to be logged, verified, and filed according to your election’s governing body.  BlueFox will process incoming contributions and outgoing disbursements in your database, research the legality of the contribution and necessary reporting fields, as well as prepare and file your reports. By executing weekly and monthly reconciliations, your bank account and database will be synonymous and you will be able to easily answer questions from your team about your cash on hand, outstanding pledges, and funds raised.

Education of Staff on Compliance Regulations

Odd situations arise sporadically in campaigns, and you need answers and guidance as to the legal implications as quickly as possible.  You don’t have time to dig through hundreds of pages of regulations. BlueFox is your first resources for all compliance questions. When we enter into our partnership, we will train your staff on basic compliance regulations.  Going forward, we will handle all escalated compliance issues.